Zoey Waters Accident – Updates, Obituary, Death


Zoey Waters Accident – On Dec. 18, Waters was driving on Highway 6 north of Arthur when she collided with another vehicle just after 8 a.m. There were whiteout conditions on the snow-covered highway.

Waters was later airlifted to a hospital in Hamilton with serious injuries. They included brain injuries and fractures within her skull, a collapsed lung, broken ribs and two broken femurs.

A GoFundMe has been created on her behalf to help fund her medical expenses…

This is Zoey, 18 years of age. Zoey is an amazing young woman who has a huge heart for everyone around her.

She is an avid lover of horses and riding. You may recognize her as the little girl who once was running around Teddy’s Bakery in Baden, ON, (owned and operated by the Waters Family).

On December 18, 2019 Zoey was involved in a serious head on collision accident due to the weather on hwy 6 north of Arthur. Many of us woke up to a crazy storm that resulted in significant blowing snow and scary travels.

Zoey was taken to mount Forrest hospital, transferred to fergus then was air lifted to Hamilton, which is where she currently is. Zoey has suffered many injuries such as 2 broken femurs as well as more broken bones within her legs, collapsed lung, broken ribs, brain injuries, swelling, and bleeding, and fractures within her skull.

Zoey is currently fighting very hard for her life in ICU on life support. Zoey has suffered a stroke to her left side of her brain, which will be the longest recovery she will have. Since the accident she has underwent surgery for her broken femurs, and a procedure to reduce pressure in her skull. Zoey has started to gain more colour since the accident but is still in a coma.

We are asking everyone for much love, positive thoughts, and prayers sent her way! Some positive news is that her lung seems to be healing very well and hope it will be put back into action in the near future She is in some great hands of doctors and nurses that are doing an amazing job on her road of recovery. Today we ask if you could help us raise some money for this amazing young woman.

She will be on a lengthy road of recovery and will develop many costs associated with her healing. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider donating to this unforgettable incident. Let’s work together to get this amazing woman back up and riding her horses.

Where the money may be used: -Travel to and from hospital visits -unexpected health costs -stay for family who can’t leave her side -food costs for family while in hospital -uninsured therapies and appointments -many other unexpected expenses.

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