Taevin Lewis Car Accident St Louis – Death: Obituary


Taevin Lewis Car Accident St Louis – We are devastated to announce the death of our beloved one. She died on January 1, 2019.

A vehicle crashed into two parked cars in the 4600 block of Page just before 4 a.m. the policemen reported.

However, no further information was given regarding the cause of accident.

Femetress Jackson wrote after hearing about her death;

2nd day of the year and all I can say is wow smh…our days are really numbered and tomorrow is definitely not promised…

never would I think I would be scrolling fb and see RIP in front of your name…

Taevin Lewis you did a number with this one love…you will definitely be missed beautiful…

I’ll never forget when we both found out we were here in VA together at Hampton…the block parties, sneaking in the dorms and partying with my cousin Ayana and her friends like we had been here…

I’ll cherish all memories…rest peacefully love!!! #AnotherClassmateGoneToSoon

Raven Simone’ Wrote;

Yesterday I heard some very sad news about one of my former cheermates…Taevin Symone Taevin Lewis you were one of the babies on the squad, I remember how playful and sweet you were….

I cannot believe I’m telling you to Rest in Peace at the age of 27…… #HoustonHigh #CheerSquad #Mustangs #GodCalledYouHome


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