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Fajamarah Fox Car Accident: Fajamarah Fox Death, Obituary - Sportinfo
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Fajamarah Fox Car Accident: Fajamarah Fox Death, Obituary



Fajamarah Fox Car Accident: Fajamarah Fox Death, Obituary

Fajamarah Fox Car Accident –  We learnt about the recent death of Fajamarah Fox. This was made know to us through news posted on social media.

In loving memory to our beloved one, you will be greatly missed by all.

Friends, Family and Loved ones have poured out their grieve and condolence to honor his death.

Stephanie Galvan Wrote on Facebook;

To my first friend at Cal State East Bay, who lived right across in the dorms. We both realized we were from SoCal and couldn’t help but realize that we both came to the bay to find eachother to become the bestest of friends we were.

Before the frats and sororities, it was just us for two years along with our crew. We were a duo. I can proudly get to say that i was able to be a important part of your life as you were to me.

You were the Childish to my Gambino. From the year 2014-2016 we listened to every new album that dropped and i can’t believe that you are gone now. I remember like it was just yesterday when i took those pictures of you in the Bay on my brand new camera.

You were my Bestfriend, my partner, my buddy for every adventure we did, even if it was nothing or going to get food, in which you loved to grab multiple plates you saved later for snacks haha.

This one hurt beyond words i cannot fathom. I don’t know why you were taken so soon, but i know it’s because heaven couldn’t wait to have you. I know you’re up there rapping with 2pac, Nipsey, Biggie, collaborating on your next project to spit some truth to this world, in which you were already doing.

I miss you, i love you. You will forever be in my heart and your families and friends you have impacted so hugely. Rest In Peace my Bestfriend. Soar high up there🕊

Kayla Brooke Molla-Galvan Wrote;

Today marks 7 years of Mitch’s death and now Faja it marks yours as well….I’m completely heartbroken for your family as well as my brother…you were such an amazing friend to my brother…you always were family…you were at my wedding…you were always smiling and making jokes…I can’t believe you’re gone…it’s so unreal…RIP Fajamarah Fox and Mitch Lucker ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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