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Donald Trump is hereby giving the Citizen and Non-Citizen of United States of America the opportunity to study for free.

The sole purpose of this scholarship program was to help young aspiring students who are eager for standard education but limited by resources. Hence, with the knowledge that some students has a lot of determined and talented brains seeking assistance to advance it.

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Benefits of Donald Trump Scholarship:
The scholarship program will cover the full tuition fee of any course the winners intend to study. This benefit will run throughout the program of the study.
All scholars of the program will receive a yearly allowance of US$300,000 for welfare.
Winners will be assisted to easily get Visa from their country to come to the US(if not a citizen). The Visa will last through the duration of the program.
Upon request, the winners will be helped to secure a part-time job to aid them to get an extra income while going to school.
A free airfare goes and returns tickets for winners on an economy class.
A special and low rated hostel price is reserved for winners to live in.

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How to Apply:
To successfully apply for the Donald Trump scholarship application kindly follow the steps below;

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