Anna Keener Bates Death – Obituary: Anna Bates Accident, How it Happened


Anna Keener Bates Death – Obituary: Anna Bates Accident, How it Happened

Anna Bates died after a horrible accident that took place on highway 37.

Anna Bates Accident: How it Happened

Anna Bates was hit head on with her six(6) years old daughter along side with her two(2) grandchildren, one of seven(7) months old and the other is four(4) months old. All the children are in the hospital.

Funds to be raised for the Bates’ family on a GoFundMe page was launched.

on January 2nd, 2020. A tragedy struck the Bates’ family. A precious family member was lost and the families children were injured in a vehicle accident.

Prayers are being lifted for the healing of this family. All donations would be appreciated to help this family deal during this tragedy.

Tributes to Anna Bates Death

please pray for our family. We lost our precious Anna Bates tonught in that horrible wreck on hightway 37. Heaven gained a true angel. She was hit head on with her 6 year old daughter in the car along with her two grandchildren, 7 months old & 4 years old. The children are all in the hospital and definitely need our prayers.Please pray for these babies and all of us.

This is the worst tragedy out family has ever faced. I love you Anna Keener Bates  and this is not Goodbye because we will meet again.

==> Kelly Lynn Bates.


Please be in prayer for my Great Nephew. He is in Surgery. I know Gos is on the throne and can answer Prayeys.

==>Kelly Lynn Bates

Update on ju ju, she has a fractured right wrist, fractured left elbow, c seperation in the shoulder, ligament in her neck and a broken left leg!

==> Jade Bates

our Precious Emori is one strong little girl. She has a fractured wrist. Please keep Praying for this precious baby girl.

==> Kelly Lynn Bates



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